Arkham is Aresome.......................... man that was lame.

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Arkham City is awesome. I really enjoyed arkham asylum a couple of years ago and was looking forward to the inevitable sequel. Everyone that played City told me that it was WAY better than asylum. Well I'm here to tell you that I don't really know about that. If anything I suppose it was just as good as the first and represented the natural progression. City takes on a more free form sand box type of mentality and the scope of the game gets a little wider. You are given many side missions to complete if you choose and a pretty hefty main story line. This time batman is trapped in a giant prison city kind of like escape from new York. Batman is poisoned and its a race against time to save yourself and solve many a mystery. You start out the game with a number of gadgets this time. You will earn more as you go. The number of bat gadgets and abilities is somewhat staggering really; explosive gel, batarang, grapple, hack device, stun gun, batwhatchamacallit, and so on and so on. And you will use all of the gadgets at some point or another I promise. The controls are still responsive, but the very nature of your activities in game will reveal some frustrations in control management. Sometimes getting the correct gadget out was a challenge. And sometimes scaling the buildings and gliding around the city was awkward too. The combat is much the same as the first game. Combos and special moves are fluid, stylish, and easy to string together. The animations are always sharp and silky smooth. The sound is excellent as well. The voice acting is once again very spot on. This game is loaded with extras and unlockables too. Your experience with arkham city is greatly influenced by how motivated you are to complete side quests and explore. And you probably will get motivated because the game makes it very rewarding to branch out from the main story. You will get new gear, level up, unlock new enemies, and find new locations for your extra work. The missions are nicely varied too. The enemies are all unique to their bosses. Speaking of bosses there are plenty of them. The difficulty isn't real strong throughout. The game never did glitch on me either.

Synopsis: One of the best super hero games on the market. Weaves together story, combat, exploration, and sleuthing to make you feel like the caped crusader.