greatest batman title of all time.

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Batman's previous title Arkham asylum was straight out of the blue instant classic, the controls where tight, easy to pick up, with lots of exploration and a brilliant stealth mechanic.

Arkham city was made just two years after this (a feet allot of developers fail on) and rock steady have added even more to inspire us with. Bigger locations more bad guys, more gadgets and more fighting, Arkham city impressed me allot!

One of my only few gripes is that from the start your meant to know it all, seasoned players might pick this up but new players might scratch their heads and find it all a bit over powering.

Overall this is a impressive title, with allot of game-play and a long story mode. and whats more once completed you can still come back to play more with a host of side missions and DLC's.

You'll love..
- flying through the air like batman
- getting your punches and counters right
- doing stealthy bits
- lots of DLC
- lots to find
- tons of side missions.
- rich detail
- great motion capture
- detective vision is SOOOooo useful
- leveling up helps players improve as the game progresses rather then just look for upgrades.

You'll hate..
- getting the ***t beaten out of you in hand to hand