Riddler's Revenge Maps

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Need help here!!! I've conpleted the main story 100%. I've collected all the riddle trophy, riddles, breakable objects and other challenges. Cat woman too. 100%. Collected 440/440. All side missions 100 completed. Physical challenges 100% completed for both batman and catwoman. Basically, I've done all it takes. But why is it that some of the combat maps, predator maps and campaign maps in the "Riddler's Revenge Challenge" still unlock? Is there other things that I need to do? Or is it a glitch of the game being saved? I've checked a lot of websites. All say that by collecting trophies will unlock the maps. So I really stuck here with no ideas of what I must do.
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For eg, the predator maps... There are only five of them instead of six. I only have 3 campaign map. And I do not have any extreme mode at all.