Game of the year edition release date confusion

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Hey everyone! So here's the thing. I heard the release date for the game of the year edition was may 29th (or something like that). I get to futureshop in prince george, and they say they don't have it scheduled until September 7th. Ok... so then I was watching youtube videos and an ad comes on saying it's out now. At the time of writing this, the date is June 3rd 2012. I'm thinking either they lied to me, or the ad has a date wrong. When is the release date? I live in Canada, btw. Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

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usa gets goty edition at the end of may i know that uk and europe get it in september
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As I understand, US & Canada (North America) were supposed to get it on 29 May... odd that they would have September since it's all region 1 (although aren't PS3s region-free?)

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I'm not too sure about ps3's, I've never owned one. I want to know about the Xbox 360. Is the release date that different between the two? Keep in mind, I know little about this type of thing. Normally, I just go by the ads. This time, however, I guess I've been deceived. Maybe. I've never seen this before. From what I can gather, the original release date was May 29th. Was it pushed back? Or am I just greatly misinformed? The ads say it's available now. That's what's confusing me. Any information you can give me at all is GREATLY appreciated.

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I think 360 discs are region locked but it doesn't matter because US & Canada are all Region 1.

That being said; has GOTY available so I think whatever store you went to don't know what they're talking about. This game should be out in North America.