hot damn!!!

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham Asylum X360
I love batman. always have enjoyed him, movies, games, comics, cameos. whatever batman is hands down my favorite hero.
Arkham Asylum. first the game itself... I love the game, the fighting mechanics is prolly one of the best i have played to date. i love how it slows down to show the impact moves, it happens flawlessly. the riddles and puzzles to solve add a whole new level of interest to the game. not only are you working to stop the mayhem in the asylum, you are uncovering little tidbits of information along the way. the use of the grapple hook is great, very nice touch, i personally love hanging and waiting for a thug to come under neath and i snatch him off his feet. then watching the AI react in randowm ways is awesome. the level up sequences is a nice touch as well, you have to think what you want next to make your play more entertaining.
the box set. i myself got the collectors, for a fan like myself it seemed right. the batarang is the coolest game collectable i own, the real scratches on it is a nice touch to the realism of the weapon. i was upset that you can't remove it from the stand, but i understand why. we don't need to see news articles on someone's little brother taking the batarang in the head. not good for business, so it was ultimately a smart move. nonetheless, it still is a cool piece. the box art and the journal were nice to look at and learn more about the characters in the game.

overall I am thoroughly enjoying the game, and foresee myself playing this one over and over again. Good job