The Batman lore finally gets its justice in the form of the BEST comic book game ever!

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham Asylum X360
As far as introductions go I think I need not describe what is the Batman, we've all seen "The Dark Knight" (well at least you should have). This game is in many ways a blockbuster title as the Dark Knight. Everything in the game is spectacularly tended too with extreme care and the result leaves you shocked and awed at how awesome Batman can really be.

This game really came out of no were from completely unknown game developers, Rocksteady, but god damn this game have cemented their tenure in the game industry forever. How unexpected that the title that would bring them into our systems and minds would be a comic-to-video game title (We all they they turn out terrible, case and point Ironman and Superman).

Now into the story, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the game 2 days prior to release (mom & pop shop gotta love 'em) and was glued to the glow of my LCD for hours on end trying to accomplished the 100% in Batman: AA (presently 82%). Arkham Asylum starts off with Batman returning Joker to said Asylum after he breaks out. But as Batman learns, it was part of Joker's plan from the beginning. Batman soon un-hatches Joker's plan to create a super army of of evil Joker henchman infected with Venom (the toxin Bane uses to get his Hulk-like muscles). That's the gist of the whole story but as you go through it there are many twists and unexpected turns you'd have to take. Facing familiar villains such as the spazzed-out Bane, the voluptuous Poison Ivy, and Bat-**** insane Joker and his annoying side-kick Harley Quinn. The ending cutscene in this game is one of the most epic endings I've ever witnessed.

Arkham Asylum is not only a story of Batman's probably worst day to be himself but also offers other unique experiences like the "Challenge" mode you unlocked by collecting some 240 collectibles throughout Arkham Island. The Challenge mode contains the Invisible Predator scenario where you try to take out all Joker's henchman in unique and different ways with your vast arsenal of awesome gadgets. And the second scenario is the all out brawl where Batman (you) is pitted with dozen Joker henchman and you try to take them out in the most spectacular FreeFlow combat system in present games. It's completely easy and intuitive, however hard as heck to master.

Batman Arkham Asylum is the gem of 2009's summer hits. A must have for all system owners and not just avid Batman fanatics. Arkham Asylum completely lives up to its hype and in no way will disappoint (at least I hope) any gamer.