Batman Arkham Asylum is the best comic game ever made

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham Asylum X360
Maybe you were like me. Maybe you assumed like myself that the game based on a comic license would end up in a bargain bin along with so many others after a week a two.

Maybe you were wrong like me. This game is not only the best comic based game I've ever played (yes you heard it) it's one of my favorite games this generation.

Short Review:

Long Review:

The Story: is that Batman has captured The Joker once more and is assigned to brink the supervillain back to the mental institute called Arkham Asylum. But Batman sense that something is wrong and it is revealed that they've all been playing into The Jokers hand, after he escapes the chase is on and it's up to Batman to travel trough the large property to find him and put him back in chains once more.

It only takes 5 minutes into the game for you to realize just how much ambition and attention to detail has gone into the game. The entire Arkham Asylum feels alive and breathing. For example, as you walk with the guards who has The Joker strapped on to some kind of jail chair you meet other inmates who have been arrested as well and you can see them shout to their leader across the bars. There are news magazines who tells about things that has been going on the outside and there are even some hidden cameos for the dedicated Batman fan.

Graphics: The attention to detail comes in here as well. Batman AA is simply gorgeous you will find yourself stopping from time to time just to marvel at the architecture of Arkham Asylum. The animation's as well are superb. However I've encountered some texture pop-ins and certain character models could have been improved as some of the guards look a bit goofy, but The Joker and Killer Croc looks absolutely stunning. Overall it's very well made technical wise and more importantly it's one of the few games in YEARS who actually put effort into the atmosphere of the game, thanks to it you feel like you are a part of the DC world. It's simply mind numbing.

Gameplay: This is where Batman AA really shines. It's a third person action game and it plays out much like Metroid Prime did. You work your way around Arkham Asylum with a map and you use your "Detective Mode" which basically works the same as the scanner in Metroid Prime. You use it to scan your surroundings and get different info and clue's. You are almost completely free to move around as you wish and there are hidden easter eggs and powerups to find. If you aren't feeling for tackling the next objective yet you can use your new found gadgets to back track and find some of The Riddlers hidden secrets which are scattered trough out the game.

The battle system is easy and accessible but it manages to never feel shallow. You only really use the X button to punch and the Y button to counter, as well as A to dodge and B to stun. But what makes it work is how it all plays out. Batman being a supremely trained martial artist is capable of taking down a room full of unarmed thugs with considerable easy, and let me tell you. He does it in style! The "feel" of the punches are amazing and when you knock a downed opponent out cold with a Bat-fist right to the face you will be the one saying "ouch".

Now there are some problems for The Bat, for example when they are armed with guns you are forced to take an entirely different approach. Swinging around in the ceiling and crouching in the dark you lure on the inmates taking them out one by one. It plays more like a stealth game in these occasions but it's quick and the payoff is great. Take out a friend to a inmate and see him panic.

Conclusion: I was very happily surprised by this game. Everything about is absolutely shining. Or gloriously dark. It's not catered to kids but to the core Batman fans and it feels Eidos and Rocksteady really took this seriously. Rarely do you see a game that is so polished and so perfectly paced like Batman:AA, but when the gameplay and technical part of the game works so well as well. Not forgetting the fact that it's Batman and it's licensed makes it even more impressive. This is a game that is worth the full retail price tag and I easily recommend it to the following:

Single-Player fans
Batman Fans
Third Person fans
Action fans
Adventure fans
and you

Simply. Do you own a 360, PS3 or PC? Buy it and experience the insanity in Arkham Asylum. You will love every second of it!