Baten Kaitos Origins Cheats For GameCube

  1. Rank Ups in the Coliseum

    In order to rank up in the coliseum after rank 1 you must first complete all matchs in the rank you are currently. You must also have enough RP. After all this is complete, you will get a quest. To get the quest:

    Code Effect
    Reach Alfard a second time and get the Dog Tags Rank 1
    Read the letter in the shop in Sheliak (Diadem) Rank 2
    Read the letter in the shop in Cebelrai (Sadal Suud) Rank 3
    Read the letter in the shop in Komo Mai (Anuenue) Rank 4
    Read the letter in the shop in Vega (*spoiler*) Rank 5
    Obtained immediately after Rank 5 is complete Rank 5 -Qualifier-
    Complete the champion battle Champion
    Complete the quest in the champ's room, and than complete all advanced battles Champion (Advanced)

    Contributed by: dalawman 

  2. New Game+

    Once you defeat the final boss and watch the credits and remaining scenes, you will get the option to save. Save and you will go back to the title screen. Choose Load Game, and load your save file. You will start the game with your gathering intact.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game. New Game+

    Contributed by: sephiroth068 

  3. The Heartflask Side Quest

    The Heartflask SQ is one of the most time consuming events in BKO. It is also necessary to do for a complete Magnus Gathering; and it goes through five different stages meaning five different Quest Magnus. The earlier you acquire it, the easier it is to complete this SQ. The Heartflask is given to you by Georg who can be found in the Nihal desert. Thanks to GameFAQ's user OriginalHamster for helping to confirm the method of unlocking.

    Code Effect
    Speak to Georg while having a BK:EWatLO game save on your GC Memory Card. Heartflask Side Quest

    Contributed by: cyberpik 

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