Simplicity at it very best.

User Rating: 8 | Bastion PC
Ahhh, while we all love to try indie games it is hard to find ones that stand out. Bastion is a game that really stands out, it is wonderful in it's simplicity.
From the smooth game play to the excellent voice acting by the narrator, this game is a winner. Not as addictive as other games in it's genre but very satisfying none the less. It was a pleasure to play and experience this game and I recommend anyone to try it. It does not have a high price tag as you are not buying a label, so you are only paying for a quality game. The game itself is mid range difficulty, not too easy, not too hard but you get a sense of accomplishment when you succeed. I'd like to thank the creators for reinforcing that there are still little companies that can compete with the big boys. A very enjoyable gaming experience.