The most compelling argument that Indie games are better than most AAA titles.

User Rating: 10 | Bastion PC
This game has a charm that I have not experienced in a long time. The music is perhaps the best I've heard in a decade. Red Dead Redemption had the crown until this wonderful entry. The narration keeps you absorbed. And between it and the music it has that mystical Firefly-esque feel that wins you over.

The combat is simple in concept, but there is a skill gap to be conquered that allows you to start to feel pretty awesome. You begin to dodge and attack, shield up dodge and attack. You start moving around the perilous worlds comfortably and avoid attacks like a champ.

Between the weapon combo's and the gods you can amp up the difficulty and add a lot of life to this game.

I honestly have no complaints about this game. Supergiant has a life long customer.

"I dig a hole, you build a wall."