God of War 2 is a superb follow up to the original god of war , its pure awesomeness at its best

ever since i beat ther original god of war , i wanted more of it and waited for its sequel and now the best action game on the ps2 has returned with a bang , and is it any good , not only is god of war 2 superb and the best looking game on the playstation 2, but better than the original god of war , its a perfect sequel to a perfect game . and all god of war fans will be having a blast playing god of war 2

The story picks right up were the first game left off, were Kratos is the new God of War after defeating the previous God of War, Ares. as soon as you start playing it, you will notice the variety of moves that have been added to the game. You start off with Athena's Blades and Poseidon's Rage maxed out, so you're pretty much invincible against the weak soldiers. The further you advance in the game the more you will realize how much god of war 2 has improved from the original god of war.

The games combat is a lot satisfying from the previous game as the brutailty has ramped up a lot ,this game is pure brutality .this game also introduces 2 new weapons , a hammer and a spear ,which are qutie powerfull in some situations. The graphics are mindblowing and it looks like a next gen game , god of war 2 has used the ps2s power to its limits , this game is simply the best looking game on the ps2 , the environments are highly detailed and looks superb .The soundtrack and sound is just awesome. plus the voice acting is just excellent this time.Even if you don't like the game or don't get into games you have to love the music in both the games. It brings out the feelings of the story like nothing else could. Gameplay wise its improved a lot and this time you also get to fly a pegasus in previous levels of the game and it is satisfying, its just perfect . you can move faster this time, Kratos is much more powerful, at least at the beginning and end of the game.

Puzzles are again back in this game and are quite simple this time , plus the boss fights are epic in god of war 2 . there are tons of boss fights this time around and god of war fans will be having tons of fun with the boss fights . this game is a much better game than the original god of war ,it has improved a lot in every way , whether you call it graphically, gameplay wise or storyline wise , this game definately lives up to the hype ,its pure awesomeness at its best , the game will take you around 12 to 14 hours to finish it depending on the difficulty levels and By the end of God of War II's journey, you'll find yourself a mixture of exhausted, overjoyed, and a bit frustrated. You'll only be frustrated in the sense that the game doesn't wrap things up in an especially neat fashion and leaves you hanging for the inevitable next sequel.

Overall God of war 2 is an excellent follow up to the original god of war, it's easily one of the best action adventure games of the last console generation and i cant wait for a god of war 3 . and if you guys have never played the god of war series ,than do yourself a favour , play god of war and god of war 2 at any cost ,and you ll become an instant fan of the series