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  • Review Score:8.9

    Bangai-O only seals the case that Treasure is a 2D God.

    Ever since popping Gunstar Heroes into my Sega Genesis I have been in love with Treasure. The pure adrenaline rush that comes from their games is indescribable, and probably for the better because any person claiming to ... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:8.8

    Unique, old-school, intense, chaotic, TREASURE, buy it.

    Bangai-O plays most like SubTerrania for the Genesis, in my experience. It has two control schemes. Both allows you to use the digital pad to guide your robot in eight directions and the analog stick to fire in eight dir... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:5

    Pretty ok shooter, but very bland.

    This is pretty much Seizure the game. Get the joke? No? Ok. The games main point is tons of stuff popping out of nowhere that WILL kill you in cases along with flashing lights. That is it. Trying to make the game look... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:9

    Awesome fun; must-have for DC owners

    You are in control of one of two pilots who pilot the Bangai-O Mechs built by their father. You must destroy the enemies who have invaded. B is a great 2D shooter. You can switch between the male pilot (shoots quasi-h... Read Full Review

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