Probably the best game to date that can attract all ages of gamers, George Lucas would definitely approve of this.

Very cute and lovely! A game that will appeal to anybody, young and old, who love Star Wars and most importantly, Lego. There are cans of laughter to be had as you play the game with the uncanny match of our favourite film of all time and one of the most popular toys in the world. There is neither a sinister twist nor a dark moment in this game where it tends to lurk everywhere in the film trilogy, so you can basically enjoy this action adventure with a light heart only with the exception of trying to pit your skills against the enemies and puzzle solving.

There are tons of fun things to unlock (like the familiar characters and vehicles in the Star Wars universe) with the completion of story missions with certain requirements, resulting in a high replayability rate. Every mission kind of follows the storyline in the actual films, thus doubling your movie experience with a new level of interactivity.

It is not a difficult game for an action adventure genre as the developers modify game balance very well with progressive puzzle difficulties and of course, overall gameplay like battles and acrobatic(jumping) puzzles, in order to attract any level of gamers. With your keyboard or joypad in hand, this is a game to enjoy both in the process of completing it as well as in the appreciation of the clever humour this interesting hybrid theme has to offer.