This was my first game I have ever played on the computer that I got serious about. It is fun, unpredictable, & qua

When I first played this game back in 2000, I was very impressed with the game play. I found it intriguing that you could actually play a game based on a book. Now, you can pick a variety of characters to accomplish you mission, which is really cool because you can make it you! What I found very interesting was that you can pick a weapon class; a broadswords man, archer, mage, ect. I found it cool that with the mage class, you can actually pick different magic preferences that can defeat certain enemies. For instance you can raise the dead and defeat monsters with that mage. Now, this game is not like James Bond, where you go around killing people for the heck of it, you use strategy and find friends to accompany you during your journey. People may come up to you and ask for money and ask to kill you, this is where you can add your own twist. You can be nice or evil; you can kill every woman and child in town or play by the rules and be respectful. It is your choice, and I guarantee that you will have a great time playing this game. Have fun and good luck!