its scary and thats what keeps you payin

Dead space is an exiting adventure and horror game as you fight the mutated humans which are named Necromorphs. You will notice there is a bar going down your spine that is your health make sure not to lose it. As you walk down the creepy corridors and rooms you'll see fans on the walls and ceilings be aware that the necro's jump out the fans which you would not expect. Dead space is a terrifieng game but its that which keeps you playing. Dead space is not the usaul zombie shoot em up head shots dont do a thing instead you'll have to use a thing called Strategic dismemberment A.K.A you will have to shoot of there limbs. In other words shoot of a leg and as you will see there still alive so then shoot of an arm and you'll find they should be dead.

In Dead space you will notice you can curb stomp and it is useful for cracking open boxes which will have supplies stashed in them also the curb stomp will be usefull for necromorphs without legs. When necro's dont have legs they'll craul towards you so if your going to curb stomp a necro make sure its crawling. There are many different necromorphs in the game the regular necro which is just normal people the leaper which is a scorpian based mutant and the Lerker which is a baby and is a whole lot dangerous than you would think. There are also other necro's like the Brute which is a boss necro you will encounter a fair amount of times and there is the super necro which used to be miners wearing there suits and when the miners became necros the suit gave them speed and when I say speed I mean it they also have super strength and the ability to flank you easily and then there is the necro that cant die it may sound stupid but **** he's tuff. Now as a normal necro you would shoot the legs off then the arms in this case that will only slow him down for a short time when he has no limbs he will grow them back and then your ****. He will also climb into the airvents and pop out at any time so be aware. The last two necros are the necro's whith a big bomb as an arm and if they get to close they will hit you and they will exlode, there is also a necro which dosent have a name but here are the details its tall very tall very long arms and legs and deadly but there also fairly slow so cut if there legs quickly and if they get close your in for alot of pain.

The campain in Dead space is a long fourteen levels and there are regular save points so don't worry there are powers your player has which are stasis module which will slow down your enemy basily your freezing them for a short period of time which would allow you to either take him out or to get your distance from him. There is also the telekinesis module which will allow you to elevate objects and limbs, unfortunately you can not pick up your enemy and throw in into walls but you can pick up objects to launch at your enemy or if you shoot of a limb you can pick that up. Ammo in this game is a critical part of the game whithout ammo your dead so think twice before you sell your ammo ow yeah there are also shops in which you can by ammo health and upgrades and you probably notices that when you bring up your inventory or map you are still in the game which makes the amosphere a hell lot creepier. Unfortunately there is no co-op and no Xbox live but there are downloadable content which can help you through the game which would give Dead space an overall of 9/10.