Everything that wrong with COD Reflex for Wii was fixed. Seemed they payed attention to parents opinions that pla

The graphics, the intuitive nature of the controls, the adrenaline surge that comes with online multiplayer. I prefer the Wii Zapper config, because I do not have to think about what I'm doing with the controller, and concentrate on what is going on inside the game. (It works well for me. it comes down to muscle memory, and having something that feels like a gun)

The maps are better in my opinion as well.

What has completely changed is how one levels up. It is a huge improvement to the game. A lot of thought has to go into outfitting all the different types of units, And you need credits to do it which are gained like experience. You must not only unlock items with experience, but have the cash to buy and equip it.

I can only hope that they keep making Wii graphics better in these types of games. I must also admit that the single player story was much better than the last one. Kinda felt like a movie. It got my blood pumping.

If you have a Wii, and you enjoy FPS games, this is the one to get...for now anyway.