An amazing with an amazing engine

I love this game it's got everything; a good engine, amazing graphic, indeed a nice map editor, multiplayer rocks and i could go on.

But of course there's also bad things, like the long time you have to drive just to accomplice a quest who takes less time, the load time when you travel with bus is very long (i think) and if you won't drive 10 minutes you'll have to take bus so you need to use it alot and i think another bad thing is in the multiplayer you can't keep the level when playing player made maps, the only thing that bothers me with the AI is that it drive you over so many fu***** times. Weapons are very and the fire is awesome. The map editor lets you make many awesome maps very easy and i've already made some, i think is enjoyable. This is a well done and long fps who will attract anyone who loves that.