Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Cheats For PC

  1. Multiple holy symbols

    Once a cleric in your party has acquired a holy symbol, kick him out of your party. Then, ask him to rejoin you. A message will appear in the dialogue box saying that the cleric has been awarded with a symbol of his faith by his god. Regardless of whether or not the cleric already has a holy symbol, another symbol will be spawned into his inventory.

    Contributed by: Kalesra 

  2. Never-ending Improved Haste

    Have someone in your party cast Energy Blades. Once they have the energy blades, kill them and then revive them. They should still have the Improved Haste status granted to them when they cast Energy Blades.

    Now go and pick up their items. In the stack of equipment you should find the Energy Blades. Do not equip them again, instead place them in a bag of holding. As long as you have the energy blades, Improved Haste will never wear off.

    Contributed by: Immortal GJK 

  3. Cheat Mode

    Backup the file as Baldur.ini then open it up and under the Program Options heading type Debug Mode=1 Then when you are playing the game, hit Crtl + Space Bar to bring up the console. From there you can enter any of the cheats:

    Code Effect
    Ctrl+J Teleport (to wherever the mouse is pointing)
    Ctrl+1 Change Armor
    Ctrl+6+7 Change Character Model
    Ctrl+R Refill Health
    Ctrl+Shift+8 Max Stats
    Ctrl+Y Instant Kill (whomever the cursor is pointing to)
    CLUAConsole:ExploreArea() Full Map
    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP2950000 Maximum XP
    CLUAConsole:AddGold2950000 Maximum Gold
    Ctrl+H Sets surge number of person or creature under cursor

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  4. Dragon Codes

    open the console and type in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''xxxxxx'')x is where the code should be entered

    Code Effect
    dragred red dragon
    dragblue abazigal
    dragbrown brown dragon
    dragpurple purple dragon
    dragshad shadow dragon
    dragblac black dragon
    firkra01 firkragg
    udsilver adalon
    dragsilv silver dragon

    Contributed by: irocksohard 

  5. Item Codes

    open the console and type in CLUA:ConsoleCreateItem(''xxxxxx'')x is where the code goes

    Code Effect
    arow04 acid arrow
    ax1h15 axe of the unyeilding (improved)
    bolt03 lightning bolt
    secret05 big metal unit
    killsw01 super powerful sword
    plat18 red dragon plate
    plat20 blue dragon plate
    plat21 endiku's full plate
    plat22 shurupakks's plate mail
    chan19 alyserfund chain mail
    belt11 belt of fire giant strength
    boot01 boots of speed
    ring46 ring of anti venom
    helm04 helm of defense
    helm06 helm of charm immunity
    helm30 thieves hood
    helm32 helm of the rock
    clck15 robe of the good magi
    sw1h51 stunning katana
    sw1h69 magical scimater
    sw2h18 sword of grief
    sw2h19 carsomyr +6
    sw2h21 pison blade
    xbow16 firetooth+5
    brac19 guantlets of crushing
    shld31 darksteel shield
    clck23 cloak of elven kind
    dagg22 dagger of the star
    bow23 taralash
    dagg04 dagger of longtooth
    hamm11 runehammer
    blun30 flail of ages+5
    blun12 mace of the undead
    helm17 skull of death
    leat23 leathor of thorns
    leat19 black dragon scale
    sper07 unicorn spear
    sper01 spear
    helm33 gold horned helm
    plat23 full plate+2
    book03 tome of constitution
    book04 tome of strength
    book05 tome of dexterity
    book06 tome of intelligence
    brac17 bracers of dexterity
    chan03 mail of the dead
    leat01 leather armor
    ax1h01 battle axe
    helm01 helmet
    sw2h01 two handed sword
    dagg01 dagger
    xbow01 heavy crossbow
    arow01 arrow
    bolt01 bolt
    helm34 wong fie ioun stone
    rods03 rod of ressurection
    clck20 cloak of the shield
    hamm01 war hammer
    shld01 small shield
    leat04 studded leather armor

    Contributed by: irocksohard 

  6. Area Codes

    Open the console. Type in CLUAConsole:MoveToArea(''xxxxxx'') X is where the code goes.

    Code Effect
    ar0300 docks
    ar0400 slums
    ar0500 bridge
    ar0700 promenade
    ar0800 graveyard
    ar0900 temple
    ar1000 government
    ar1100 umar hills
    ar1300 de'arnise keep
    ar1400 temple ruins
    ar2000 trademeet
    ar2100 underdark
    ar4000 grove
    ar4500 pocket plane
    ar5000 saradush
    ar5500 amkethran
    ar6000 abazigal's enclave
    ar6100 sendai's enclave
    ar6200 mana forge
    ar6300 oasis
    ar0602 irenicus dungeon
    ar0411 planar sphere
    ar0020 city gates
    ar0801 bodhi's dungeon
    ar0701 sewers
    ar1000 government district
    ar0516 astral prison
    ar1201 red dragon's domain
    ar1600 brynnlaw
    ar2300 sahuagin city
    ar2500 suldanesselar
    ar2900 the nine hells
    ar3000 watcher's keep
    ar5201 yaga sura's cave
    ar5505 balthazar's throne room
    ar2700 the ultimate cheater's weapon area

    Contributed by: irocksohard 

  7. The Ultimate Cheater's Weapon

    Create yourself a "killsw01" from the console. It has the graphics and story for Long Sword +2: Varscona, but when you equip it, you get the following bonuses:

    * -35 AC bonus
    * Counts as a +10 weapon
    * THAC0: +50
    * Damage: 1d10+1000, +1500 fire, +1500 magic, +1500 cold, +1000 piercing, +1000 slashing, and an additional 1000 of undisclosed damage
    * 8 attacks per turn (if you get more proficiencies, you'll get a max of 10 attacks per turn)
    * 100% magic resistance
    * Immunity to: charm, panic, sleep, slow, stun, fatigue, hold, confusion, feeblemindedness, web, and some others
    * There are no race, class, or alignment restrictions on it, so everyone can use it

    Code Effect
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("killsw01",X) will give you a sword that looks like a long sword +2

    Contributed by: spimmy 

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