Delivers all the action & gameplay of COD with improved graphics and sound!

COD 2 had a tough act in COD to follow, but it's done so very well, unlike several other recent high profile FPS sequels. Yea it's still scripted, but the scripts are well written and the action is more intense than ever. The developers have equipped you with very liberal health to get through all those fierce fire fights, though to me; they've gone too far with that feature. The weapons are on the weak side for someone lwho prefers his shooters biased towards "simulation" rather than the arcade style of play in the COD series. The enemy AI has been improved, with more realistic behavior and tactics; though your team mates will frequently be the door blocking AI idiots we've all come to hate, LOL! Improved graphics and sound along with a somewhat less linear mission sequence have been thrown into the COD 2 mix to very good effect............did I mention the excellent music of the soundtrack? All I need is a quality mod that steps up the damage modeling of the weapons and COD 2 will be spot on for me. MP continues to be a fierce "in your face" experience and is a total blast! COD 2 is well worth your gaming dollar, if you haven't bought a copy already!