A worthy successor to one of the best RPGs of recent memory.

Coming so quick on the heels of the original Knights of the Old Republic, I had some doubts about the quality of The Sith Lords. Those are all forgotten, now. While the game does not make any markedly innovative advances from the original in presentation or graphics, that can be forgiven by offering what is an overall excellent gaming experience. For those who loved the first game (and there were many of us) there is little reason to believe you won't also enjoy The Sith Lords. At the heart of the game is a captivating story and fascinating and deep characters. The Gamespot review was, however, correct about some pacing problems at the end of the game, which did seem to make some logical jumps that were, well, a bit stretched. Many complained similarly about the first game's plot twist, which to some felt forced and a bit unbelievable. If the first game's twist didn't bother you, the story's few shortcomings near the end likely won't bother you either. Graphically, the game is on par with the first, which for some will be disappointing. The original KOTOR was, in my opinion, quite good looking, and so while The Sith Lords is dated (only slightly, really) in its presentation, it is still quite a beautiful game. Voice acting was good throughout (as I've said in other reviews, good voice acting is rare in games these days), with the main characters really standing out as believable, just as in the original KOTOR. Similarly, the sound effects are also on par with the first game, with the lightsaber sounds particularly cool. Difficulty on the easiest setting is too easy except for those cutting their teeth on RPGs. But for experienced players, the higher settings will provide a challenging game experience. I found the most difficult setting almost too difficult to be enjoyable, but profoundly satisfying when I managed to squeak out of a difficult battle. That's the best feeling any game can provide, and this one did so several times. You'll definitely get your money's worth out of this game. Replay value is as high as KOTOR, and with the extended classes for Jedi, you'll really feel like you're progressing further than the previous game. If you're one of those who played KOTOR through five or six times (like I did), you'll find similar replayability here. You'll be playing this game for months without tiring of it. Overall, if you liked the original KOTOR, this game is an excellent pick.