As the start of the "POP" trilogy this game ROCKS.

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is a third person adventure title which mixes both platforming with sword based combat. Shortly after starting the game you are joined by a female companion, Farah. Due to her slender frame she will often assist you by squeezing though small cracks to reach levers and switches which would be impossible for you to reach without her. Still, her reasons and motivations remain a mystery through most of the game.

The combat itself is fairly elementary. Hack and slash an enemy until they fall to the ground and then stab them with the Dagger of Time. By doing this you fill up your meter to reverse time. Yes, it’s possible to reverse time in the game or slow it down during moments of combat to give you an edge and see what is happening easier. Reversing time is useful when you fall off a ledge, get killed by an enemy, or do something generally stupid as you can "rewind" about 10 seconds of time to take you back to a safety point. This works pretty well, but considering the number of save points in the game (after almost every dangerous platforming or combat section) it seems a little pointless as reloading the game may only place you back a few seconds. One thing that does work very well is the difficulty. Starting out fairly easy the game allows you to master the controls before throwing up some tougher challenges. By the end of the game you'll really have to have all you wits to complete the game. More developers should take note of this increasing difficulty level.

Also impressive is the stunning level design. With the game set around a massive castle there are plenty of ledges to climb, passages to run down and pits to jump over. During the latter part of the game navigating the levels requires some thought as the floors crumble away, or are covered in spikes and progress is often done by jumping from ledge to ledge or from one pole to the next. Its impressive stuff and most rewarding.

What a game!!! One day I need to meet the prducers of this game because they are the best!!! Prince of Persia rules!!!

Game play: The moves of the Prince and the story ROCKS.
Score: 10/10

Graphics: They are not as good as good as today's graphics but they are COOL.

Score: 10/10