Episode 2: Back to the same old!

User Rating: 5 | Back to the Future: The Game - Episode II: Get Tannen! PC
Here we are, in the next episode of BTTF. What is new? Well, we have 3 or 4 new character models in the game, some of them even speak, even if it's not used to progress the story in any way and I swear I saw an NPC coming out of the theater, and a car moving on a street. Might be my imagination playing tricks on me, trying to fill out this empty game.

- still too short
- and too easy. Only a few goals in the episode and even though I disabled goals, hints and every help possible in the options it was a total cakewalk, almost like a tutorial, guiding me like an idiot. This game couldn't be more linear, you never have more that one goal ahead of you, and if you're lucky to pickup something in the inventory (very few items can be) you can be sure it's used in the next minute to progress the quest.
- annoying inventory which is in another screen, no inventory interaction still, you can't combine items or for example manipulate them in any way like disassemble them or etc. and looks like it won't ever be possible in this game. Shallow
- recycling of puzzles from the first part the shoe smelling dog puzzle, and now the pipe smelling dog puzzle, and I burst out laughing when I got to the flask smelling dog puzzle IN THE SAME EPISODE. Talk about variety and using your brain!
- game is still basically an interactive movie, you one click on something then watch a cutscene. To get rid of Tannen in the end I literally had to ONE CLICK on a car! Come one, ppl. Is this really the best one ADVENTURE game has to offer?
- awful camera, loads of invisible walls,
- no exploration of the town whatsoever, less locations than the first part
- model animation, Marty walks and looks like a chimp
- an adventure game is good when it's replayable, some are replayable more then others (have difficult logic puzzles that aren't that easy to learn by heart) but some if they have good humor and are fun. This one hasn't got any of that.

- I finished it
- I survived through another Edna dialogue and another speakeasy