Episode II escalates the situation, which results in an overall better experience.A joy to any fan.

User Rating: 9 | Back to the Future: The Game - Episode II: Get Tannen! PC
Finally, the second episode has arrived. I was quite amazed by the first episode, and this one is better.

The game-play remains fundamentally the same. It took me about three and a half hours to finish the episode. The story is masterly written, and the characters are great.

It picks up right where it left.To save Doc's life Marty messed up the time stream, resulting in many unwanted consequences. He almost got his grandfather killed, and he helped the rise of the Hill Valley Mafia .Now he must go back, and hopefully fix it, risking his own life multiple times before the time stream gets even more corrupted.

The only problem with the first episode is that it was too easy. This episode is easy too...But it's not THAT easy. The puzzles are really logical and some require thought process.

This episode is also more action packed, more emotional, more witty and clever.

I hope Telltale keeps up the good work, i am really looking forward to the next episode which should be, next month.