Ayakashi:Ghost Guild codes

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I will start with mine


code: hidden

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Hey guys my code is "cardbonus". Be sure to use a code when starting this game as it gives a huge advantage. Also a note to newcomers.. Health regenerates at 1hp per minute. And you start off aroudn 20 i think.. Try and get that to around 60-90 considering you'd have to check your phone less ;). Good luck!
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Excellent game but a few extras at the beginning make a big difference. When you start up the game use Rubiconx as the referral code. This will give you a free quality card, thousands of silver coins and loads of other power-ups to make building a strong deck much easier. Don't forget the capital 'R' when typing it...and enjoy this brilliantly addictive game.. Rubiconx
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Please include my code "AdenBarnet"
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Mine is Haru
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Here's my code as well, Rarecard10 let's all be friends and have fun.
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please use my invitation code: currycake thanks ^^