Ayakashi : Ghost Guild codes

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I will start with mine


code: hidden

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For people who haven't started the game, START NOW! It's worth playing, make sure you enter the invitation code, "calvinsfreestuff" to get bonus items within the game.
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how do you put code in ?
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My code : "essential". If you're starting a new game make sure to enter a code before pushing start. It'll help both of us if you use this code, looking forward to working with you all.
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You put the code in when you first start the game.
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AdenBarnet do add my code.
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does anyone know how to restore a previous game file? what i mean is, i just downloaded the game to my replacement phone, and i had all my stuff: level, cards, etc but when i pressed the browser icon on my phone, it took me to the red zynga page and then all my stuff was gone. does anyone know what i can do to restore my stuff? i have been playing everyday since october of last year, one can image all the time, effort and money that wen into the game. please help