2D side scrolling fun inspired by the likes of DOTA or League of Legends

User Rating: 8 | Awesomenauts PS3
The premise is simple. You have a base, and your opponents have a base on opposite sides of a perfectly symmetrical 2D battlefield. The goal is to push into the enemy base and destroy it. Both teams bases spawn a stream of little AI droids that will mindlessly push towards the enemy base on a pre-set path. It is the job of you and your team mates to work together and with your little droid army to make the push into the enemy base, and at the same time stopping the enemy team from doing the same. In this type of gaming, not being killed is often more important than getting killed yourself, and greedy attempts at picking up that extra kill can be disastrous for your team. Good team work and careful pacing will be greatly rewarded. The game plays like a 2D DOTA or League of Legends, but with a much gentler learning curve and a wackier theme. I recommend it!