Old Style Game RPG

User Rating: 9 | Avernum: Escape From the Pit PC

I found this game for sale on Steam website for less than 10 American dollars. Much later to my surprise I was absolutely glad that I had purchased it.This game is a superbly put together RPG in the style of games of the late 80s and 90s. Its a 3rd person overhead game in the style of games such as the "Fallout" series games (not including the newest 1st person shooter) or similar but not exactly like "Baldur gate" series. Basically, its a classical turn based RPG with a well put story. True the graphics and engine are somewhat dated, but this type of game I firmly believed is more about the looks. Its very immersed in story and if your the type who doesn't like to do alot of reading, then this game might not be for you. And the game itself is quite long. Probably taking several hundred hours to finish the game. (roughly,It took me a whole year at 1 hour per day) The storyline is quite simple, A band of adventurers get kicked into the prison (known as Avernum) and they must find a way out. Since the underground caves are massive on an epic scale, there is many towns and kingdoms and holes where humans and other creatures dwell. Apparently, there seems to be some form of artificial light that seems to light the caves dully. (whether this is believable is up to player) However, at such a scale. The missions were massive and exploring the wilderness of the caves along with fighting your average monsters or enemies. The game has enough to ditch out and allow your characters to grow and eventually become powerful. If your a follower of older style turn based RPG's , than this is the game for you. A great game done in the classic style of RPG's