Avenging Spirit Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Expert Level

    At the Title Screen, press the following together until you hear a tone:

    Up + A + B

    Then press start.

  2. Level Skip

    To skip the current level pause the game and then press: A, B, B, A, A, B, A, A

  3. Skip Part of Stage 3

    After the elevators at the beginning of Stage 3, jump on top of the first building. Instead of going right on it, fall off the left side, then hold to the right. You should move into an invisible cut-out area of the wall that lets you skip a great deal of the stage.

  4. See The Ending (Japanese Version)

    At the title screen, press Down + B + Select and the ending will start.

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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