Fun, hard to stop sometimes and very playable

User Rating: 8 | AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage PC
I liked this one.. Its kind of Diablo meets Harry potter. A funny thing is that you have to press combos to do magic, it makes it a bit more interesting and more difficult.
Its like diablo but not at the same time. You havent got all the worlds and that stuff but in some way it reminds of it

Easy story, save everyone... But sometimes a whole bunch of enemies at the same time to kill.

Do quests, level up and be greater.

Some quests are harder than other, i came to one that i didnt understand, you where supposed to go across a series of letters if you went wrong you toke dammage, the thing is that there wasnt any info on what it was supposed to spell hehehe. think think...
Overall its a fun, interesting, sometimes hard and just great game.

well i think its absolutely playable if you like these types of games