Unique genre bending game. I gave it a higher score because its an indie developer.

User Rating: 9 | AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage PC
I probably would have gave this a 7.5 but since this an indie developer's maiden voyage I'll give em an extra point and a half.

Well onto the game.
Overall the story is decent, the sound and visuals are budget as to be expected with an indie release.

Where this game shines is the game play and puzzles. Its a unique blend of high octane action and RPG with some puzzle quests. Highly addictive.

Some unique features. Like double tapping wasd for tumbles, dodge buttons, and casting spells with movement combos is absolutely a riot, totally unique and makes for some of the most manically engaging combat I've ever seen in an RPG.

The camera is bizarre, and takes getting used to. The game uses a free targeting system, but then requires you to toggle a button to rotate the camera. many will call this negative. But the fact is, its not, in fact it offers more flexibility than we are used to. It just takes skill alot of skill. This not just a grind to build a character so you can point and click your way to victory, El Diablo. You have to level up to get better spells and equipment sure, but the game requires physical skill to utilize that stuff all the way through. This is a Plus a HUGE Plus, I can't think of one other RPG that require this much skill to play. Most are about strategy, some brain trust, but mostly grinding to build experience.

That said, there is a mod at the avencast forum, that adjusts the camera tilt up a bit, the mod is meant so that when you play the game zoomed all the way in with an over the shoulder look it pitches the camara up giving a better look into the distances. Its a much less closterphobic view that makes the game look more like a modern 3rd person action adventure. The game controls and play are just much better from this perspective IMO. The camera isn't as touchy this way.

Also, because the of spell combo system, I used xpadder to play this with a rumblepad 2 controller. This game rocks that way IMO.

Some cons

The graphics flake out here and there.
sometimes the camera will glitch out.
There should be a way look up in the game.
Voice acting is tacky.
The sounds are low budget.

For a indie developer with his first major release, Clockstone did a hell of job, and very nearly created a classic.