Nothing Special

User Rating: 5 | AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage PC
Combat = Great
Story = Woeful
Environment = Boring
Enemies = Average
Character Customization = O.k.
Voice acting = Atrocious
Items = Confusing
Sub-quests = Minimal, short
Main-quests = Under developed, a tad boring
Overall = Fun for a while then becomes boring. Lack of story, customization, and variety in game play make this fun for a very limited time with no real replay value. The combat however is a great fun using combination's of buttons to execute spells. I found this game quite fun to play at the beginning but as I progressed it became so repetitive that I often considered giving up and leaving it to gather dust. In the end this game gave no real satisfaction other than not having to play it ever again. With a decent storyline and a little variation this game may have been great. Or maybe not. 5 out of 10