A good game that could have been made better

User Rating: 6.5 | AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage PC
Avencast is a good game, but not quite up to the mark of others in the same genre like Fable, etc.

1. Gameplay - Like any other action RPG game, like Fable, Avencast is a third person fighting game. However the gameplay is seriously flawed. And by that I don't mean that there exists any flaws in the technical aspect of the gameplay, but in the essence of the gameplay. Your basic fighting skills rely on the fact that you are a mage, and if you are in close range of any powerful monster, you are pretty much cheese toast. In spite of the fact that you do have an array of close combat spells, but they hardly do much damage against stronger opponents. In such cases your best bet would be to rely on distance spells. Health is regenerative and thus a large number of successive hits and you are dead, but otherwise you can pretty much walk away from a massive battle and start another one with practically full health. The NPCs are pretty much stereotypical. The lead characters give you the major quests, while a large number of side quests are provided to you by other NPCs. Also 2 locations in the game which I found quite difficult to cope with was The Planetarium and the Last Stage (I pretty much didn't get the name of the place - it is an ethereal place). In the planetarium, there are a large number of mirrors of which you have to align properly to make the planetarium work. I am however pretty sure that around 75% of the mirrors were useless and reflecting the power light of them would effectively bounce the light to nowhere. And to make matters worse the mirrors are placed in different chambers on different floors. So to make a correct arrangement I would have to run up and down between the various chambers. The cinematics however reminded me of the style of Max Payne, although Avencast showed the story on parchments of papers.

2. Story - Well the story goes that you play an orphan kid, who was raised by a plebian who had found you at his doorstep. Slowly as the kid grew, his interest in magic also grew and soon he was sent off to Avencast - the school of magic. There he starts learning and mastering the skills of magic and soon passes out of the school as a mage. But as soon as he does so, he finds Avencast to be overrun by hordes of demons. And so begins his quest of destroying all the legions of demons.

3. Graphics - Not too well executed looking at the time it was released. However it does provide you with a barely decent graphics.

4. Music and Sound - Not much to speak about here as well.

A good game but definitely not a great one.