Avadon: The Black Fortress Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Reach Castle Vebeaux without one of your characters ever going unconscious. (Hard difficulty or higher.) Without a Scratch
    Find all codex entries. Well-Read
    Found a secret door. Wall Spots
    Get your main character to level 20. True Power
    Get your main character to level 10. Tested By Fire
    Claim Avadon for your own. (Normal difficulty or higher.) Terminal Insubordination
    Reach the endgame and never have more than one character beside yourself in your party. (Normal difficulty or higher.) Take Only What You Need
    Hunted down the Shadow Beast. Shadow of the Woods
    Fight your way back into the castle. Quality of Your Enemies
    Get your main character to level 30. Perfection Achieved
    Show that Holklandans and the Kellem can work together. Peace Within the Pact
    Locate the crypt of the Keepers. Pay Your Respects
    Send Beloch the Scourge back where it came from. (Hard difficulty or higher.) Nathalie Will Be Pleased
    Cleansed the Beraza Woods of bandits. Lone Justice
    Reach the endgame without ever using a Resurrection scroll. (Normal difficulty or higher.) Leave Them Where They Lie
    Calm the dragon Zhethron. For the first time. Irritable Reptile
    Complete Avadon: The Black Fortress on Torment difficulty. Heart of Avadon
    Complete Avadon: The Black Fortress on Normal difficulty or higher. Hand of Avadon
    Complete Avadon: The Black Fortress on Hard difficulty or higher. Eye of Avadon
    Purged a tower of its unspeakable experiments. Experiments Concluded
    Prove your loyalty to Redbeard. Employee of the Month
    Showed the ogres just how foolish they were. Don't Taunt Dragons
    Reach the endgame without ever making one of your companions happy. (Normal difficulty or higher.) Don't Bug Me With Your Issues!
    Augment 50 items. Craftmaster
    Hunt down the greatest prey. (Normal difficulty or higher.) Big Game
    Eliminate the threat to the Kva. Big, Bigger, and Biggest
    Bring all four of your allies back to Avadon. Back In the Fold
    In the Farlands, no foe of the Pact can be left standing. Avadon's Gaze
    Augment ten items. Anvil Apprentice
    Meet redbeard. Your New Employer

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Console cheat commands.

    In game, press Shift + D and you'll get a prompt asking "What do you want?" During this, you can type in the following commands. Be warned that using these codes disables earning medals unless you leave the region that you are currently in.

    Code Effect
    retrain Resets your characters skill points and abilities; allowing you to change how your character is.
    iamweak Instantly gives your party a level.
    iampoor Instantly gives your party 500 gold.
    backtoavadon Teleports your party back to Avadon.
    healmenow Restores everyones HP to full.
    rechargeme Restores everone's Vitality to full as well as resets the cooldown of all of their abilities.
    shieldsup Provides War/Resistance/Shield Chant as well as Haste.
    giveasnack Gives your main character a cake.
    sorrysevilin Restores Sevilin's loyalty if you've made him unhappy.
    sorryshima Restores Shima's loyalty if you've made him unhappy.
    sorryjenell Restores Jenell's loyalty if you've made her unhappy.
    sorrynathalie Restores Nathalie's loyalty if you've made her unhappy.
    whereami Tells you where you are currently at, the zone, and the x/y coordinates.
    showmeall Allows you to see all NPC's on the map, even in areas that haven't been covered.
    dontshowmeall Disables showmeall.
    fps Shows your current frames per second.

    Contributed by: KillerCrono599