One of the best PS3 exclusive titles available.

inFamous is a game that didn't really jump out at me when looking at all the PS3 games available. Even the demo didn't really make the game seem all that fun. But after trying it a couple times, I figured, it has to be better than the repetitiveness that I'm seeing with this demo. So I decided to go out and buy it, and I must say that I'm happy I did. inFamous borrows a lot from other games, but the story and game mechanics really make it a very enjoyable experience.

GAMEPLAY - If I were to describe this game in a broad manner, I would say it reminds me a lot of The Force Unleashed meets GTA. In many ways, that's all you really need to know before getting into this game. You have the power of electricity available to you. As you progress through the game you get more powers, some of which are similar to the Force Unleashed such as the force push and your main attack which sends streams of electricity at your foes. You can't ride around in vehicles, but you run faster than most of them as it is. There are side missions in addition to the central story missions, and many of these mirror story missions or are the same thing over and over again. Very similar to how the side missions are in Brutal Legend, just that there is more variety here. Finally, you are able to progress through the game being either good or evil. There are moral choices throughout the game where you can either be selfish or selfless, and as you progress higher with either disposition, you are granted more upgrades for your skills. I personally think the good and evil mechanic in this game is kind of flawed since there's no gray area, and it doesn't really give the casual gamer much incentive to go through the game since the experience isn't much different. Other than that though, this game is a lot of fun to play through. - 9.5/10

STORY - The story is that you play as a guy named Cole, who survives a huge blast that pretty much killed a bunch of people. After awakening from it, you find that you have these superpowers at your disposal. Now like I said before, whether you use your powers to be good or bad doesn't really matter with how the story plays out. There are lots of minor characters that play very different roles, but the only problem here is that Cole himself isn't a very well-developed character. He tries to act like a badass, but he still follows other people's orders without question for the most part. There are also quite a few plot holes with how the story comes to a close, and leaves a lot unanswered. Still, the overall story is a pretty good one, and the ending is satisfactory enough to not make you feel like you're totally lost in the shuffle. - 8/10

GRAPHICS - This is by far the weak point of this game. The graphics themselves are fine, but it's the animations that feel a little awkward. This game is like a PS3 game with PS2 animations. It's kind of weird at first, but eventually you do get used to it. - 7/10

SOUND - Not a lot to complain about here, but not a lot to praise either. Voice acting is very good, while the sound effects and music aren't bad either. There's just nothing outstanding going on here. - 8/10

LENGTH/REPLAY VALUE - Unfortunately this game could have been a lot longer, but for those who want to play through as both good and evil, there should be enough to do here. Just don't expect a playthrough to be more than 15-20 hours depending on how much stuff you get done. For me personally I think it has decent enough replay value considering how fun the game is and how short it is. It's sort of like Bioshock or Resident Evil where you don't feel obligated to play through again, but because you want to. - 9/10

BOTTOM LINE - inFamous is a game that should be experienced by any PS3 owner. Even if you're skeptical about it like I was, give it a try. This is a fun and fairly unique game you'll want to add to your collection whenever you're in the mood to run around a city wrecking havoc. There are some RPG elements to it, but inFamous is pretty much like any other open world game, except with the super powers. - 8.5/10