Racing the way it's meant to be.

User Rating: 7.3 | Auto Modellista PS2
The games market seems to be flodded with Gran Turismo's, Project Gotham's, and so on - games where it seems the onus is taken away from racing, and put more on how real the car looks, how the leaves fall from the trees, and how the spectators all wave at you as you go past. But this isn't what a racing game should be about - it should be about the fun of the game, the speed, and the thrill of really racing to the finish line. Auto Modellista seems to be one of the first games to properly address this.

The main interesting point about Auto Modellista is its graphics - it is fully cell shaded (where the game is still 3D, but the world is rendered to appear as if drawn by hand, like in a comic book or cartoon). This creates a very nice arcade feel to the game, which draws the player in, and reminds you that this is not a simulation or a video, it is a GAME.

The single player has the token campaign mode, called "Garage Life", where you work through races to outfit your garage and car to make them better, or a simple mode of choosing a car and track to race on. The multiplayer is fun and pulls across the feeling of the single player mode well, although with the cell shaded graphics, sometimes the multiplayer screen can feel a little crowded with too much going on.

The difficulty is just right - not so easy that it is not fun, but also not too hard to become annoying - the tracks and competitions pose a good level of difficulty. However, if you have never played a racing game before, there is little room for error or a method of teaching you the basics, like good cornering or overtakes - so this game is not for the racing initiates.

All in all Auto Modeliista is a good game. A game where the developers have set out to make a fun game, and done precisely that. Although the graphics, or tracks, or even the gameplay could be improved upon, it seems just right to leave it as one of those games you like to play, but not anything to write home about.