Looks good, sounds good, but is it good?

User Rating: 7.3 | Auto Modellista PS2
I think the graphics of this game are truely brilliant, i think they work very well and look even better.

The sound is also pretty good, sounds of the cars might not be that realistic, but they arent bad.

As gor the gameplay this is a little dissapointing, i found when i first raced that the steering was very stiff, and only did this improve after i did a little tuning of my car.

As for the modding of your car, i dont want to be mean, but its crap, theres very little visual modifications to be done, only 2 of each visual is to choose from (bumpers, hoods, etc...).

What im getting down to is that his ia generally an ok driving game, but theres much better out there, and to be honest, if this game didnt have cartoon graphics, i probably qould have traded it in by now because it would lack originality.