User Rating: 9.4 | Auto Modellista PS2
Auto Modellista may have a few problems, but it still beats the pants out of all other racing sims. The game's main mode is called "Garage Life" where you, as in all other sim racers, choose a car and get cracking in the first of the game's 7 levels. Since parts and cars have no price, (new parts and cars are unlocked as you progress)this helps beginners a lot. The thing that makes this game different is the fact that you can customize your garage! This adds to the logetivity, since the racing part isn't that long. A few more tracks and a better AI would have helped. The game looks fantastic, with cel shading to it. Also, the game has an excellent speed blur effect that is none too blurry. The cars also move very fast, with no framerate dips. The game sounds perfect, with realistic engine sounds and a nicely done announcer. It provides plenty of value, because of the customization of the garage. Sorry, GT3 and NFS fans, but there is no racer that can beat the Japan-styled, white-knuckle powered, supremely detailed supergame that IS Auto Modellista.