Its fun for about 2 weeks then you'll find the gameplay will get way to repetitive even for an MMoRPG. Plus this games s

User Rating: 4.8 | Auto Assault PC
Its fun for about 2 weeks then you'll find the gameplay will get way to repetitive even for an MMoRPG. If you thought other MMorpgs where repetitive stop reading here because this thing basically is the same from level 1-80 with a few changes to gameplay. About level 5 you get a front weapon which will make you aim the front of the car towards the bad guys and about level 12 you can get a melee weapon which you can use to ram bad guys with, also there are rear weapons that you'll probly never use. Whats supposed to be the big carrot is the level 40 hazard mode but it takes so long to charge you probly won't use it often inless you just want to pwn a boss or kill some one quickly in the arena. Thats about the only diffrences from level 1-80 besides that you can pick from fast firing or slow firing, multi shot or single shot guns only thing is is that everyone knows fast firing multi shot weapons are the best. Questing is probably the most repetitive aspect of the game since basicaly there is only 1 type of mission which is the "kill this many and collect this many from them and deliver them to that guy" kind of missions and since they developed the game so that questing was the fastest way to level it gets boring fast, plus all the quest text is about the same anyway so if your looking for a good story just go to the AA website and read the Lore because none of its in the game.

Crafting is pretty deep but there is no in game economy yet so your pretty much crafting for yourself or your clan, plus crafting is very time consuming and isn't something stays about equal to your level so alot of the time you find your self crafting things lower than your level. Random loot generation is about the only addictive aspect of the game, its pretty fun to find the same guns but with diffrent stats (just not fun enough to stick around). Car and character customization is near zero (you will look like everyone else from you class you just might be blue and they'll be red), plus cars look about the equivalent of hotwheels. The hazok 2 physics engine could have been used better, cars drive like they where taken from some budget racer for little kids, Ragdolls just slump instead of flying way or getting stuck on the front of your car when you run over infantry (mostly because when you hit them it doesn't register as a hit and they just phantom threw your car), and you can't even smash threw buildings if you try to your cars just going to bounce off in less you fire at a building and drive thew it as its falling.

Plus this games so easy its mindless, there's absolutely zero challenge here. You can get from level 1-80 with very little to no challenge. Combats basicaly pushing 1 button on your mouse and keeping the bad guys within range and in your sights and maybe hitting a skill or 2, its not very hard and requires no skill sometimes it gets frusterating. You can solo all the way up and experience about 99% of the content without grouping (which isn't exactly a bad thing).

Basicaly its something diffrent with a few good ideas but thats about it.