A new and exciting way to play online but not without it's problems.

User Rating: 8.7 | Auto Assault PC
I’ve been looking forward to this release more than any other so far this year and so far the game looks and feels great. The controls prove to be a steep but short learning curve and the game soon feels smooth and fast.

The destructible environment adds something extra to the game offering a certain satisfaction when the structure before you crumbles to reveal an item drop.

After only a few hours play, I have already bolted on air scoops, spoilers, rocket launchers and more to my car giving it a really personal feel.

BUT and this is the major problem, I have an ATI X600 graphics card and although the game looks great and is fast and smooth, the game appears to cause the latest driver to crash with alarming regularity. Tech support is looking at the problem but based on the forums, I’m not the only one with this issue which appears to be linked to ATI cards.

So in summary potentially an excellent game (if you don’t have an ATI X600 graphics card)