ATV Offroad Fury 2 Cheats For PS2

  1. Jingle Bells

    Wear everything G-Ride and use the G-ride atv for free ride. If everythings is G-Ride then everytime you reck you will hear bells.

    Contributed by: Mizelda 

  2. Unlock Ravage Talons

    Complete the training course to unlock the Ravage Talons, if you complete the training course, you get the Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green Talons.

    Contributed by: kyleox1 

  3. Bonus Ride/Outfit

    Create a profile using a memory card that also has a save from ATV : Offroad Fury on it.

    You will unlock a new ATV, the G-Ride, and the Outfit (Suit, Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Glasses) to go with it.

    Contributed by: Shaggy Glucose 

  4. Cheat Codes

    Go into Profile Editor and Click Unlock Items. Scroll down until you see cheats and click it. From there, enter the following codes.

    Code Effect
    FLYPAPER Wrecks Disabled/Enabled
    GIMMEPTS 1,000 Profile Points
    IGIVEUP Unlock Everything
    GAMEON All Games
    TRLBLAZR All Tracks
    THREADS All Equipment
    GOLDCUPS All Championship Events
    GABRIEL Unlock San Jacinto Isles
    EATDIRT Aggressive AI Enabled/Disabled
    STOPCAM Action Replay Camera Enabled/Disabled
    GETONUP Wheelies allow points
    BRINGIT All out AI Enabled/Disabled
    WIDESCRN Switched Aspect Ratio
    NOSKILLS Unlock all ATV's in training

    Contributed by: BongBlitz 

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