User Rating: 4.4 | Athens 2004 PS2
I need to tear a new one into this game since it is mostly a button mashing bonanza. I can only play most popular olympic events like running, swimming etc. for 5 minutes before my arms start cramping up and I can no longer compete against the computer. In my opinion, the Gamespot reviewers were way too lenient on this game. In most events, you need to pound the X and O buttons in maniacal fashion then you need to press the L1 button to perform an event like jumping. This may sound easy but handheld controllers were not designed for this type of button mashing - I have to invert my controller and grip it with one arm between my kneews before I can mash on the buttons using a pen cap. Don't even think about using your fingers cause you'll see smoke coming up from your controller and have blisters the next day. Then, there are games like High Jumping and Archery where there is no button mashing and which are great fun to play.