Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    There are 26 Bronze Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    You've collected many memories. But your journey still continues. A Bouquet of Memories
    You've started collecting memories. But your journey has just started. A Flower of Memories
    You've ollected a lot of memories. It's proof that you went on a long journey. A Garden of Memories
    All Trophies Earned. All Trophies Earned
    You dropped your wallet and a weird girl saved you. Amusing Ayesha
    You slayed the dragon with your party. Ancient Dragon Slaying
    You went with Marion and Linca to their new post. And the Trio
    Your Battle Level has reached 50. Another High Point
    You saw Keith enjoying his hobby. At Paradise
    You took part in Vierzeberg's bazaar. Bazaar!
    You dressed Juris up with Regina. Big Sister's Heart
    You discovered a gigantic slag at an ancient ruin. Building Block
    You saw Tanya all dressed up in Marietta's Store. Dress Up
    You relaxed your body at a salty hot spring. Ernie's Long Legs
    You saw Fred giving his bread to children. Feeding
    You won the Thrilling Treasure Contest for the first time. First Victory!
    You were reunited with Nio in a surreal place. Flower Smell
    You went to visit Regina, who retired from prospecting and went home. Future of a Female Prospector
    You became friends with all the girls, and had a girls gathering party. Girls Gathering!
    You continued to win the Thrilling Treasure Contest, and were given the title of Grand Champion. Grand Champion!
    You spent time with Juris and Nanaca, earnestly engaged in a hunt. Hunter Life
    Your Alchemy Level reached 50. One High Point
    You defeated a powerful land combat-type slag. One Who Rules the Land
    You defeated a powerful flying-type slag. One Who Rules the Sky
    You accomplished your goal of reuniting with Nio. Reunion
    You were worshiped and praised as Lady Ayesha by the townsfolk. Sage's Hermitage
    You decided to go with Keith to search for the truth about alchemy. Search for the Truth
    Ernie carried you home safely. Sending Sheep
    You talked to Nio after she came back. Sisters Thereafter
    Your Journey Ended and your new life began. The End of the Journey
    You helped Regina with her last labor. The Last Labor
    You watched the battle between Linca and Linca. The Two
    You went with Wilbell to get permission to open a shop together. The Witch and the Alchemist
    You took part in Harry's Contest. Thrilling Treasure Contest
    You attended the party for Juris. To Them
    You decided to go on a journey with Harry to search for treasures around the world. Treasure Hunter
    Ernie came to the workshop when you were in a rush. What were you doing?
    You went with Wilbell to accomplish her task. Wind Ruler
    You continued to accept requests from others and became a master apothecary. Working Ma'am

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