Astal Cheats For Saturn

  1. Different Sega Voices

    (This works for the JP version)

    First execute the Secret Mode code (also known as the 99 lives code) then eturn to the title screen and repeatedly press the corrisponding buttons until the Sega screen appears and you'll get a different voice calling "Sega!". L+X for Leda , L+Y for Astal , L+Z for Geist , R+X for Antowas , R+Y for a second Antowas and R+Z for Gerardo.

    Contributed by: cynical girl gamer 

  2. Helpful Codes

    Please do the following:

    Code Effect
    Pause the game and Press: UP, Y, LEFT, A, DOWN, B, RIGHT, and C. Then Unpause. Invincibility
    Pause game and press: DOWN, R, UP, L, X, A, Y, B, Z, C, RIGHT, and LEFT. Then Unpause. Replenish life
    Pause game and press: L, A, R, C, B Sudden Death
    In the Option menu press LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, L BUTTON, R BUTTON, START on Controller 2. 99 Lives: Highlight the ''Lives'' option and press Right; you will find that instead of being limited to just five lives you can start the game with as many as 99.
    Enter 99 Lives code. Return to title screen, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L BUTTON, R BUTTON, A, Y, C, Z, B, X on Controller 1 Level Select

    Contributed by: Links Awakening 

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