This game is said to be a cool game. I bought it and to my suprise, was easy. But the storyline made it fun. Cool Game!!

Pokemon Ranger was one of the more "wow, I wasn't expecting that" kind of game. The storyline is somewhat predictable unless you were just playing blindly. The game doesn't have the basic 368 pokemon, but only 213 different pokemon and also with the added bonus of the Manaphy Egg. The game was fun, but easy to complete the storyline. I hear about people that can't pass levels or missions. But I have never been on a mission and quit just because I can't bet one character. The game is a fun game for you pokemon fans, but people that aren't that into it, would get much of a kick out of the game. Anyone that is thinking of getting the game though, should buy it. It is fun and keeps you busy for a good 10-20 hours. And when you bet the game, then try completing the poke'dex, or in this game, it is called the "Browser". Boomermav, Out!