Assassins Creed: Great fun but gets repetitive after a while, though the story does makes up for this.

User Rating: 7.5 | Assassin's Creed X360
Assassins Creed, is a great game running around the city roof tops knocking guards to there deaths is great fun. Taking on large groups in sword fights and coming out the winner makes you feel unstoppable. The game contains a great story that sets the foundations for a epic saga. It is a good looking and feeling game the main let down is it gets repetitive fast. To progress to next story missions you must complete Intel missions what are pretty much carbon copies each time. Thankfully you only have to a certain amount each time.

The story has twists and turns and you see your character develop from an arrogant person into a understanding compassionate one. The end would never be guess if you are new to the series, in fact the end does seem very random and out of place until you play the sequels. (answers do come). The cities feel alive with topical chatter from characters. One annoyance is in the rescuing civilians you'll hear the same pieces of voice from them constantly the word "thief i'll have you're hand for that" will become very common and once you save the person they will say one of three things what you cannot skip. Story missions are fun and interesting though escaping at the end of them can seem to take for ever as regularly spawning guards can make some battles feel endless. Using the counter mechanic does make light work but this is another example of repetitiveness.

Finding out more about you're enemies plans is very interesting you find out about what they where doing in the crusades and in the present. The game is a innovate idea looking back at memories through DNA. There are hundreds of collectibles for any achievement hunters out there.

One thing that feels missing in the game is the crossbow shown so prominently in the cinematic's, sadly this doesn't make it into the game til the 3rd game in the series (brotherhood). As you progress through the game you get upgrades more health, weapons and skills what makes progressing a pleasure. The hidden blade is great fun to use it's a defining feature of the game. Horse riding is also enjoyable but after a while it can feel tiresome on long journeys, though a fun glitch is when hundreds of civilians spawn in a line charging through them on horse back is hilarious watching them get sent flying. The last two levels are extremely fun, the game is very atmospheric you even get to see characters of actual historical people. Though people you have in interest in the crusades will notice a death of one character is in the wrong year, but the game does cover this. Your character Desmond, who's DNA is being read, notes that the past seems wrong we are informed what is taught and written is books is wrong as these are written by who ever wins a war they write there take on events.

People have been mistaken in this series says that it hates upon religion, though it is clearly stated the game is the work of fiction and built by a multicultural team, so please don't complain that it knocks peoples beliefs it is just a story. The use of religion is present in this game as it was an age of turmoil it would be wrong to ignore it. Don't worry it isn't a preaching game it is a action pack game. If you're not a believer of religions this game is actually more for you (and me for that matter) but lets avoid a conversational subject in this review I think I've started to wander from the game!

This a great game to get but it can get boring, the sequels do improve on the faults, if you do skip this game you will be missing out on a good experience just be prepared for some tiresome parts.