If you are into retro fighters, Virtua Fighter PC is not to be missed.

Virtua Fighter was originally released in arcades in 1993, it was then ported to 32X, Saturn and PC, the latter in 1996. However, it was later re-published in 2006 with Windows XP compatibility. This edition can be picked up very cheap, even for a new copy (I got mine for 99p at WH Smith!).

The game was a big deal when it first came out because it was the first ever 3D fighter. The graphics were considered incredible at the time but are showing their age now. But, they do still have a certain appeal if you are a fan of retro games.
The game is realistic in terms of moves and rules. If you fall off the mat then the round is won by the opponent and all the moves are based off real life fighting techniques. The animation on these moves is fluent.

There are only three buttons used in-game apart from the arrow keys. Punch, kick and block. These can be combined with arrow keys to create a variety of special moves. However, your fighter jumps very high which can be un-useful.

There are 8 well designed playable fighters in the game, (although some do seem like VF versions of Street Fighter characters) all of different skill levels which gives the game a good challenge. There is also a two player mode but I don't recommend this for laptop users thanks to the awkward second player controls.

If you are into retro fighters, Virtua Fighter PC is not to be missed!