I usually would never even think of typing my own review for a video game. After playing it I had to say something.

Let me just start with the fact that this game is riddled with minor glitches.
But if it wasn't for the extremely well crafted story line, "voice acting", "side quests" and "fairly well developed game play mechanics", those minor game glitches would have got the best of it, But since that's not the case they really just come and go unnoticed.

I usually almost never stay with a game like this to the end, due to repetitiveness and lame story. This game has neither of these faults. I really liked Jade Empire which I almost finished, but once I heard a plot spoiler I had lost my appetite for it, owe well, if someone leaks a spoiler for Mass Effect I will be very disappointed, cause I know a game like this doesn't come around to often.

The Graphics are incredible, but they do slow down the "framerate" sometimes, but like I said it won't really matter much to you anyways.

I see this game as very much like an interactive "Novel" or "Movie" where you also have some action game play to go with it. There is also no reading at all, it's all voice acted which honestly blows my mind because there are so many characters and so much dialog in this game.

Also every choice of what you say has consequences and makes it very engaging and interesting for the player.

And once last thing I bought an XBOX 360 just so I could play this game, yes I did feel very much like a fricken idiot while making the purchase but I honestly believe now that it was definitely worth it while I had spent around $350 for the game and console I have no regrets.

If your an RPG fan who likes to watch movies and is of course a fan of Star Wars and Sci Fi, or possibly just someone who likes to really get involved with a "great science fiction story", then MASS EFFECT is the best gift the world has to offer at the moment.