OMG the best ds skateboard game ever.

WOW...... it is hard to put this game into words because of how good it is. It takes some time to get used to but u eventually get it. once u do, it shines!!!

Excellent graphics
Lifelike motions
Lets you play your way
Does not limit u
Story is loooong
Editor of character and maps is great
Realistic unlike tony hawk games
Great Price

Terrible selection of songs
Hard to play at first, but u get used to it
Sometimes u cant get the trick u want

Soooo much better than tony hawk's sk8land. Tony hawk was a great game dont get me wrong, but it was unrealistic. U can pull off impossible tricks that u can never do in real life. In this game, u cant. U have to finess your tricks and perform them at the right time. It is just amazing, besides the ANNOYINGGGG music. GET IT ITS ONLY $20! Bargain!!!