Amazing graphics, great gameplay and great music

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed X360
This is a superb game, I am actually playing it one year after it was released. I had seen the previews and all that but was skeptical as I thought it be like hitman. I was wrong, AC is way way better in all aspects. Interesting story plot, outstanding graphics, controls aren't that complex and the music is good.

Negatives are that the camera does get weird on rare occassions. Once I got stuck in a wooden structure and couldn't climb back out because the camera couldn't rotate properly.

The music is good but limited, they could've given a little more variety. E.g. when Altair climbs up to a view point, its the same little piece of music in each city - would've been nice if it differed a bit - at least per city or atleast as the story proceeds.

Overall it's an excellent game but one disappointing thing was the ending. It was nothing! I know they have made it very obvious that a sequel is coming out but surely they could've given a little more of an ending!

This game needs to be played on a massive hi def tv to get the full impact of the beautiful graphics. Seriously, I thought Ace Combat 6 was detailed - but AC was picture perfect.