If you love POP series, you'll adore Altair's jumps...

User Rating: 9 | Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition PC
I've heard so much about this game and i finally got it on Steam Summer Sale. The game is great. You're Altair, an assassin, and you have to kill nine persons in order to bring peace to the Holy Land. The game has the touch of free roaming and all the way you can choose however you want to treat the tasks. You can save citizens and one important thing in the game is to climb high spots in order to discover quests. Due to accomplishing to this, you can discover the tasks you have to accomplish. Your master orders you to kill nine powerful men in the Holy Land in order to bring peace, but he tricks you and in the end you have the opportunity to defeat him. This master holds an artifact with which he wants to control people.
The amazing fact is that you're under a DNA memory reader and Altair is your ancestor and the moder Templars hold you there in order to get find the place where this artifact is hidden.
The ancient cities of the Holy Land, Acre, Jerusalem, Damascus and so one are beautifully presented and people behave normally. The guards are suspicious and you should learn how to mingle with the people.
A great game to play.